From One Fellow NON MORNING Person to Another

I don’t know about you, but I am NOT a morning person. No sir.

I mean, I truly WISH I was a morning person. I look at all these chipper morning people, you know the kind, the kind of people that are up before dawn, get a work out in, have hustle-bustled around the house completing some chores, taking time to even meditate or do their devotions, and this is all before even heading to work. My goodness! I can barely wake up on time to have a cup of coffee before heading to work (#priorities).

While my example from above may be a bit on the extreme side (however, I have met people like this!), one of my goals is to reach a more comfortable shade of this. One of my absolute least favorite things in the world is feeling rushed. My anxiety is literally in tail-spin mode when I feel that I am rushed in any way, either by myself or someone else. I mean truly, who likes to feel pushed about like they have no time to even stop and breathe?! But how often is that how we live most mornings? With not even a second to spare? Being on “autopilot?”  I know I’ve been there far too many times. Particularly, this morning.

I am SO dragging this morning. Who’s with me?

SO, today’s blog post is on tips of how to beat the “morning slump” and kick-start your morning into a revitalizing, joyful experience (Or at least, a bearable one. Some days, that’s all I shoot for).


  1. Begin your day with intentional gratitude. The Lord’s mercies are new each morning! Gratitude is not only an attitude, but a practice. When we make this practice intentional, it becomes a more habitual perspective of thinking, and modifies how we experience the life he has given us! What better a way to set the tone for the day than by taking in the world around us and giving thanks to the One who made it all possible? This can be done in a variety of ways, but I do have a few favorites:
  • Gratitude journaling: This can take as little as 3 minutes! Challenge yourself to put on your lens of gratitude in write down 3 ways you are thankful today. If you would like a more structured way to do this, Ann Voskamp has wonderful gratitude challenges to do this each day!
  • Take a gratitude walk: If morning activity is your thing, this could help you kill 2 birds with one stone! (I sincerely just realized how morbid this well-known phrase is…moving on!) A gratitude walk involves somewhere in your neighborhood, or in a favorite nature area, and verbalizing the beauty that you see in God’s creation. Really make this a full sensory experience and be intentional with what your senses take in!
  • Consistently involve gratitude in a morning prayer: set aside a time in your prayer life to not only ask of the Lord, but to merely give thanks
    • A holistic prayer style: PART
      • Praise: Use His names and give Him the glory- Almighty One! True Healer! Source of Life!
      • Admittance: Personal confessions to the Lord
      • Request: What we are asking of God
      • Thanksgiving: gratitude of our many earthly and spiritual blessings

*Many of these take anywhere from 3-20 minutes, so plan in what works best for your morning routine! Moral of the story:

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ.”-1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18


  1. Set the Scene. Make your morning environment enjoyable! Who wants to revitalize themselves in an area that sucks the life out of you? Yikes! Pull open the blinds, crank up some favorite tunes, and get your body in motion! Sometimes, I even like to use some fresh scents to help awake my senses, such as a refreshing candle or some fruity lotions  (bath and Body Works has made SO much money off of me). Make the setting you awaken to somewhere that you look forward to engaging in!


  1. Skip the snooze button. Gah, this is sooooooooo tempting! This is my #1 vice when it comes to mornings. However, it is proven that continuing to engage your body in the “snoozing process” actually leads you to feeling more sluggish, and decreases your chances of actually getting up out of bed. Plus, when you continually snooze, you leave yourself with less time in the morning to do all the wonderful things that we are talking about here. So, do yourself a favor, and break up with Mr. Snooze! Sometimes, it takes people putting their alarm/phone across the room, so that when the alarm sounds, that physical act of getting out of bed is required.


  1. Plan out the day. Mornings are a wonderful time to get organized for the rest of your day. Take a review of your calendar, review any monthly/weekly goals you have set out for yourself (YAY! More on this later!), and if it is helpful, make a short to-do list for the day based off of your goals or obligations. This helps us to feel more organized and ready to take on the day.


  1. Take some personal time with God. This is probably the most important thing I can suggest to you. Our God has a relentless love for us, and craves time on our mind and calendars. Starting the day out with quiet time with our Savior is soooo revitalizing, my dears. It also helps us stay in the mindset to put God first, instead of having him get lost in the never-ending stream of our day. This can look different for everyone, but morning meditations and prayers, a short devotion with our coffee (holler!), and engaging in a bible-reading program are excellent ideas of how to do this. The point is to be intentional about our personal relationship with him by engaging in his Word to kick off our day. To be fully present in this time with him is hard, as I’m sure we fall into our mind wandering to the day ahead, but challenge yourself to be fully present with God as he opens up his mercies to you through his word.


There you have it! There are many more ways to engage yourself in the mornings, but here are a few of my favorites. I am so excited to hear what you all are involving in your morning routines! Share with me. I wanna know. Because I still need help on this each and every day.

I am by no means an expert, mearly someone who is navigating through these struggles with you.

Let’s be real. Together.


Stay tuned,







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